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The application in context The UCAS application form includes a number of questions which give us details about the context in which applicants have achieved their academic qualifications see below. Evidence of contextual factors will not necessarily mean that preference will be given to a candidate, as each case will be considered on its individual merits.

However, in cases where there is clear evidence that contextual factors have affected performance and achievement, and where the applicant is able to demonstrate motivation and potential to achieve, the University will consider this as part of its holistic assessment of the application and take it into account when deciding whether to make an offer and the level of offer to be made.

There are three main elements of contextual information that we will consider where it is available from your UCAS application form.

This information will be used together with publicly available datasets to provide the following information: Whether you have been looked after or in care during your schooling. The performance of the school or college where you took your A-levels or equivalent qualifications.

We recognise that non-academic excellence adds value to the University and that students who excel in non-academic areas such as sport or music can make a specific additional contribution to the University. We may therefore take into account non-academic excellence in our offer-making process. Applicants declaring a disability We encourage all applicants to complete the declaration of disability and indicate any special requirements in particular to your health on the UCAS form if appropriate.

This will not affect your chances of being offered a place but will help us plan for your support. We would usually expect reasonable personal statements for university admission in uk to have been made to assessments to allow us to consider academic achievement against the same criteria used for applicants not declaring do my paper for me disability. However, if an applicant or referee feels that reasonable adjustments made during assessments were not sufficient to allow fair consideration of an applicant declaring a disability, this should be made clear as personal statement for university admission in uk of the application with supporting evidence provided if appropriate.

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We operate a centralised admissions process in order to achieve this. Academic Colleges remain involved in the admissions process, and are responsible for agreeing the entry criteria and selection processes for each of their courses. The consideration of individual applications for undergraduate programmes normally takes place in the central Admissions Office, where specialist admissions staff review the application on the basis of achieved and predicted qualifications, alongside the personal statement, reference and other relevant information.

Where the applicant has non-standard qualifications or on occasions where the applicant narrowly misses the qualifications for the standard offer for a course, the application may be referred to the admissions tutor for consideration. The Admissions Office is responsible for all communications with UCAS, including the transmission of admissions decisions.

It is the responsibility of applicants to: If the University becomes aware that an applicant, prior to registering as a student, has failed to abide by these rules and regulations, an offer to study may be withdrawn.

In the light of additional information which was not available at the time of selection, an offer may be amended or, in exceptional circumstances, withdrawn. The University also reserves top dissertation writing services right to correct errors where they have been made in the communication of decisions and offers. The University reserves the right to exclude a candidate who is considered on justifiable grounds to be unsuitable for a place on a particular programme according to individual circumstances.

This is from the point of making an application and not personal statement for university admission in uk, and can include, but is not limited to, behaviour during a visit to the University such as attending an interview or general visit to the university and University organised offsite events for applicantsbehaviour in correspondence with the University or behaviour on social media.

It is important to recognise that the use of social media can pose risks which impact on the wellbeing of others and the reputation of the University.

Therefore we expect applicants to apply the same standards of conduct online as they are expected to apply offline. The University is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and aims to provide a working, learning and social environment that is free from unfair discrimination, bullying or harassment. It aims to ensure that staff, students, visitors and all others associated with the University are treated personal statement for university admission in uk dignity, respect, and equity, regardless of inappropriate distinctions, such as age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation as identified under the Equality Act as ‘protected characteristics’.

Changes or personal statements for university admission in uk in predicted grades For the BMBS A programme, changes in predicted grades due to an error when the grades were entered will only be considered if received within 14 days of the equal consideration deadline for example if the equal consideration deadline is 15 October, changes in predicted grades due to error will only be considered if received by 29 October.

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Where an error in predicted grades comes to light after this date, if it places an applicant in a tier where they would have been invited to interview they will be placed on a personal statement for university admission in uk list and invited if interview places become available. For all other programmes, whilst we will endeavour to consider any changes or errors in predicted grades this will be subject to a programme still being open and places still available.

Where an applicant has applied directly to the University, a formal decision will be essay topic on digital media and communicated directly to the applicant by the central Admissions office.

Where a candidate has applied for one programme and is not successful, an alternative programme may be offered on any of our three campuses. The alternative offer will be officially communicated via UCAS, and candidates will also be contacted by the University to confirm and discuss a changed offer decision.

In some circumstances, an offer may be conditional upon non-academic requirements, e. Police checks which are deemed satisfactory. Applicants who achieve the grades required by their Conditional offer have their place confirmed. Applications from candidates who have not met the required grades exactly are reviewed and their places may be confirmed if space is available, although no guarantee is made that this will be possible.

All conditions of offers must be met in full by 12 Naley wedding speech on the 31 August to guarantee a place for personal statement for university admission in uk in the year of application. If conditions are met after this point we may be able to confirm a deferred place.

The Confirmation procedure includes receiving and processing electronic data from UCAS which, in turn, receives and processes electronic results data from the examination boards. The University reserves the right to amend the offer in light of an electronic error. Alternative offers Upon receipt of your results or non-academic information required as part of your offer if you have either accepted your place as firm or insurance choice but you have not met the programme or the same programme on a different campus we offer some programmes at our Exeter campuses which are Streatham and St Lukes and also at our Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

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When an alternative offer is made you are under no obligation to accept it and should you decline, you will either be released to your insurance choice or into UCAS clearing. Please note that if you opt out of this service but subsequently change your mind, we cannot guarantee to consider you for alternative programmes and you may be required to apply for any vacancies via UCAS Clearing. Unless specifically requested, we ask that you do not send original documents in advance of your arrival at the University as we cannot guarantee the safe return via the postal system.

If you are an international student you will also require the original documentation for the visa application process. As part of the admissions process, if you are not successful in gaining a place at the University we will keep your documentation for a minimum of six months. If you are offered a place at the University and personal statement for university admission in uk, withdraw or fail to enrol, all your documentation will be held for a minimum of six months.

The University of Exeter undertakes these checks as part of the registration process upon arrival. In addition to the contrast essay on two countries required as part of our UKVI Tier 4 Sponsor Licence personal statements for university admission in uk we will also personal statement for university admission in uk any other documentation sent to us in support of an personal statement for university admission in uk.

If you are an international student in circumstances where the University has assessed your application and feel an INTO programme may be appropriate, we would like to share information with the Centre, so they can send you communications on their programmes.

Please ensure that you quote your full name, Exeter Student number and programme for which you have applied and state that you wish to opt out of shared information with INTO.

University Admission Consultation and Test Preparation

The University works with a number of organisations around the world who assist with academic checks on submitted documents and quality assurance. In circumstances where the University needs to consult a third party organisation in order to clarify degree certificates madras high court case study transcripts in order to make a decision, we would like to share your information.

If you could benefit from pre-departure assistance we might refer your application onto our network of appointed agents in country. Related policies The Admissions Policy is underpinned by a number of other policy statements offering specific guidance on aspects of the process or for specific kinds of applicant: